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Chapter 1
~ 1 ~
She crouched hidden in the shadows beneath a large, once pristine desk, straining her ears for the sound to come again. There! Removing her dust covered arms from about her head she listens intently as the sibilant slightly guttural voices resume. She sucks  in  her breath sharply as understanding dawns upon her numbed mind.  They were the cause of the destruction in the Temple.
"That's it, the last of them . . . " the voice fades as the speaker moves about the large room, navigating around piles of crumbled stones and furniture. By peeking over the edge of the ruined marble desk she could see them. Dressed in long dark robes she can tell only that they were male, and that only from their voices.
"You sure Grthsk? He won't be none too pleased if he finds out even one got away."  The second one growls softly, poking around the debris as if searching for something, or someone. A tremor shakes the building causing plaster and dust to filter do
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Reach out, blindly fearing
hoping to brush the warmth of your fingers,
your hand.
It is not to be.
Only to be met with
emptiness, vast nothingness.
Choking on breath, words stick
like rocks in my throat.
No choice left, tears slip
beneath salt-crusted lashes
to mix with the sea.
The abyss yawns below,
lit only by those deep dwellers.
Welcoming me back.
I sink further into my Ocean,
into the fathomless dark.
Wicked teeth, needle sharp bared
to me in a rictus grin
as i drift ever deeper.
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Chapter 2: Remember Me by Sylvanashala
Mature content
Chapter 2: Remember Me :iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 1 0
Black Heart
Black heart
Bright mind
    Slice this silver soul
    Spill the crimson
Wash my feet
In this fading flow
    Grant me life
    Ever more
:iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 2 2
So hard, so hard . . .
     How much more
do you plan to throw?
     Hit me with?
Much more and i shall
     crumble and break.
Battered and sore, let
     me just have peace.
A moment to simply Breathe.
:iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 0 0
Chapter 1: The Glade
The first time she didn't quite realize she was dreaming for a minute or so, but once she did a bright smile graced her lips.
"A lucid dream. I haven't had one of these in forever, not since . . .," she winced slightly and dropped that particular line of thought.
She stretched luxuriously as she looked down upon the peaceful landscape below. It seemed somehow familiar to her. She noticed suddenly a figure dressed all in white leaning against a tree in the glade beneath her. With a curious frown she drew herself in, even her scent and floated downwards, as can happen in dreams. With the barest of glances to the trees surrounding her she examined him.
"Wow, my subconscious sure knows what I like," the thought floated idly across her mind as she admired his flowing silvery hair and most attractive form.
He blinked, knowing instantly that he was dreaming but not recognizing any of the trees surrounding the old maple he was leaning against. He tilted his head slightly, or did he? With a sma
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Indifferent Heart
Sitting across from you
   armed with my pen and my coffee
blindly staring through the window.
   My silent gaze traces imperfections in the flawed pane,
searching for inspiration once more.
   You haven't been such for a long time.
My words are finally free of you         aren't they?   
You think i hate you,
   you're wrong.
You feel i don't love you
   and this time you are right.
There is nothing i think of you
   nothing i feel.                       nothing at all.     
It begins to rain.
   Water droplets grace the glass
sliding ever downward.
   Their peace is my peace.
Inspiration perhaps?
   Should i now rejoice
and set my ink to pape
:iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 1 2
Why am i always the heartbroken one?
  Always giving, always suffering
always in pain.
When will my tears end?
  Surely someday my Sea
will run dry.
I don't know how much longer
  i can go on like this,
outside your oblivious bubble.
I understand already,
  so i guess
i don't need to be let in . . .
But it would let me know
  it's not all a futile wish.
That i'm not broken for naught.
  That i'm not Unrequited.
:iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 2 0
Soft silver glow
     shrouded by clouds
         half glimpsed shadows.
Warm gaze hidden
     by a silken curtain.
Hungry touch whispers
     skin against skin.
Love me, Love
     or Hate me
         please Take me.
One Last Time.
:iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 0 0
Sad Songs
The sad songs, the dark ones, the killing ones.
The songs that tear your heartstrings out by the roots to throw them pumping and bleeding to the piranha.
These, these are my favorite, the ones i could listen to all day long.
They keep me company when i'm alone in the dark. Ease my pain, when the tears are so thick they're blinding, and the throat so tight i cannot breathe, much less scream.
They make me bleed when i am frozen and numb. Make me feel the hurt, remind me that i yet live in this unforgiving place.
They keep me sane when i am otherwise. Hold me grounded when i would float away to nothingness on cloud nine.
The sad songs, the dark ones, the dying ones.
The songs that heal and soothe your broken and bloodied soul when nothing else can, or will.
These, these are my favorite, the ones i could listen to all night long.
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Strange by Sylvanashala Strange :iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 0 0
The flame of my heart died slowly,
embers fading, glowing softly in the dark.
My dark, of which I am so familiar yet still find so strange.
Frightening creatures of my creation carry pieces,
into the inky depths as the last spark is snuffed out.
Then you smile.
My reflection shattered,
piercing the velvety blackness with your brilliance.
Lighting once more the barren plains and squalid oceans of my soul.
Your life giving Sun,
driving back shadows which seek to devour me.
Bask in your warmth,
lighting my face, renewed.
Ashes catch burning bright and cheerful.
But there,
lurking beyond the firelight, hidden.
The darkness waits with its demons,
for you to turn your back, but a moment...
To drag me back down once more
:iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 0 2
Left Unsaid
     Two ships passing on the sea, river, ocean.
The life waters that connect us. The blood in me, is the blood in you.
     My eyes slide over, our gazes, like our words    
touch, never quite meeting. Spaces between visits grow.
The long silences, awkward and chafing, the only acknowledgement
of what lies between us.
     The past, the present? The future,
the lives that might have been shared. The echoes of
it all resound in the gaps left between our words.
      All unsaid, hidden safe and raw behind
silent lips. Locked in the darkness and warmth of our hearts.
:iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 0 21
Mature content
No Juliet :iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 1 0
Close my eyes,
      drift amid raging currents
            shifting winds.
Dark tide rising,
      embraced once
            and ever.
Hidden twilight,
      in the thunders boom,
            lightnings flare.
Peace, comfort,
      safety found within
            the electricity of your touch.
Take me in,
      lost in your
            blue-eyed gaze.
Let the winds howl,
      waves build and crash,
:iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 0 4

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